• Jerry

    This is EXACTLY what I was trying to explain to my manager this past week. Thank you!!

  • Francis

    Jerry – Glad I was able to help!

  • DEP Ecommerce Consultants

    Good stuff Francis….I’m assuming we can use the same formula for calculating potential based on LOST IS Rank.

    I realize you said you don’t pay attention to it, but can you recommend some steps for addressing it. Our Google reps even couldn’t really explain to us how to address it.

  • Francis

    Thanks! You can except it’s not as easy to capture the impressions lost due to rank – many more factors involved than just budget.

    You could still use it as an ‘alert’ metric. Say you see you’re losing over 50% of your impressions due to rank, then maybe you should look into testing your ad copy or try to improve your keyword’s Quality Score.

    The reason I ignore it is cause you simply may be losing impressions due to a lower bid – a bid that may have been set that low intentionally. While this is an easy fix for profitable keywords that can benefit from the increased visibility, I wouldn’t go nuts and start increasing all of them… unless it meant more conversions for my client.

  • DEP Ecommerce Consultants

    Hey Francois,

    Great feedback. We’re on the same page about influencing LOST IS RANK on campaigns with good returns. Here’s the test we’re framing for our client.

    Identify a handful of campaigns with good return and low position for a CPC push. Set up a test checking it’s impact on the following metrics:

    Impression Share going UP


    CTR Holding

    ERS Holding

    Revenue Going Up

    Average Position Going Up

  • Francis

    Hi Patrick,

    I like the set up. As long as you’re tracking your return and tying in other metrics that matter, you should be able to see if a lower Lost IS percentage actually impacts your account’s performance. Keep me posted on the results!

    - Francis