Link Opportunities Using Just Your Logo

Sometimes we’re so entrenched in trying to get links through creative and inventive ways that we forget some of the basics of a company, like a logo. After reading this, you’ll be able to go out & get at least two links with your company logo, some as many as a few hundred. Lets get started.


It’s a reverse image search plugin. Simply right click on a picture, select tineye, then find out who on the web has swiped your logo or product pictures. Why do you want to know this? If you paid to have the logo created and took the time to post pictures you’ve taken, it’s an easy link to write to the website borrowing the picture and ask for a link. A link or a possible letter from a lawyer if they’re really jerks, but providing you a link costs you nothing & the matter is done for both parties then.

2. Enter Your Logo into Design Contests

Google “logo design contests” and you should have a handful of sites that will link to your logo as a part of their contest. Many will link out, but the one stipulation is that it has to be a creative or unique design. Some of the results are aggregator sites, so there are lists waiting to be churned through to see if they’ll accept your logo.

3. Industry Specific Sites

4. Create Your Own Contest

To do this, you don’t have to give up your current logo. If you’re launching a blog, a specific product, a new section of the site, or even an About Us section that’s going to be entirely pimped out, these can be places where you can have a logo creation contest. A few searches with “logo contest” and other variations can bring back some stellar results on who would be willing to link to this contest. Is it worth $250 for you to put up a contest page & get 30+ links? I’d lean pretty far towards yes.

Another way to find links for it could be to find out other companies who had logo creation contests, prioritize using OpenSiteExplorer, then get the links.

5. Logo Directory Sites

This is probably what you expected this blog post to say, so here it is.

Most design companies have a Clients or an Our Work section. I’m sure the design firm is proud of the work they did, so why wouldn’t they link to you? Should be an easy link if you don’t already have it (and didn’t piss them off with 8 revision requests).

7. Wikipedia

Always a chance it could be removed, but if you have a company logo, you should be able to submit it to the Company Logos section using the upload form. Yeah, it could be taken down if you’re not really a company, but if it takes literally 3 minutes, why not?

So there are seven real opportunities and then this one. There are sites that link to terrible, awful, no good, very bad logos.

You could use it for an old domain that you don’t touch anymore. You could post it as a challenge for someone looking to interview. Create the ugliest logo you can think of and get these types of sites to link to it. You might even try it on a purely linkbait page like where you’re sharing your new (fake) logo that will launch soon. Get the links, 301 the page. Probably not worth the time, but after seeing those sites this is what popped into my mind.

Would love to hear other logo linking ideas if you have them. Shoot them to me on twitter – @adammm – or post them in as a reply here.