• Adrian Drysdale

    Agree with number 5. Chances are the person that designed your logo prob has a website. The thing is 90% of these people will upload the logo to their portfolio site, with a brief description BUT no link back. It’s easy to ask, chances are they’ll do the link cause they want to impress you just in case you are looking for future work done.

  • Adam Melson

    Adrian – so true, it’s just a matter of asking. if we never ask they’re never going to link it. worst that will probably happen is that they won’t respond.

  • Justin M.

    Any reason why your guy’s RSS feed started including blog comments into Google Reader recently?

  • Ryan B.

    I’ve been to but I never thought of using them as a linkbuilding source, I like how you guys think outside of the box.

  • Wil Reynolds


  • Wil Reynolds

    I think I fixed it, gone now?

  • Adrian Drysdale

    Found this kind of freaky. Looks like this website is crawling your blog comments posting as articles.. Really weird

  • Jason Acidre

    #8 is a sick twist, would love to try that one out LOL. This is one of the reason why I visit this blog, your ingenious tricks :)