• timblankt

    Hey Ali, I’m still a bit confused. I guess my basic question is so when/how does someone click a link that sets the referral as rather than Isn’t Facebook all https so shouldn’t all Facebook referral traffic be l. or lm.?

  • Tod Hirsch

    Yes, timblankt. My question exactly. Ali, do you have an answer to that question? I suspect that it’s not so much https related but simply if FB deems the link to the site to be potentially malicious then it comes in as It’s this interstitial page…I think.

  • AFreezee

    Great question! It is my understanding that traffic will come in as if the website the user is trying to click through to is not flagged as spammy or malicious or if the facebook referring URL does not have any personally identifiable information.

    Hope this helps! More info here that might help you: