• Mark Simon

    Nice catch; thanks for sharing. Glad I have a personalized linkedin page. Hopefully they don’t disallow those from being crawled in the robots.txt next.

  • Greg Hyer

    Thanks for the information. I would have never have realized this change by LinkedIn. I agree that this may be LinkedIn’s way of stopping the Google juice at fake LinkedIn accounts.

  • Steven Britton

    This is a bummer! It’s getting harder and harder to get links with good value. So much for optimizing LinkedIn accounts.

  • Adam

    Wow. I actually thought they did this a long time ago to stop SEO gaming. Seems like a solid move.

  • Adam

    Steve & Adam – LinkedIn is almost a “double check to make sure the client has the link there, then never really worry about it again.” It’s very little value that would have passed imo, but something is always better than nothing. Just random how they did it to non personalized accounts vs all. Twitter threw the nofollow on all at once 2 years ago? But that included everything. Interesting move by LinkedIn and I’d love to know if there was an incident or convo with Google that sparked it.

  • Alexa Samuels

    FYI, there’s a comment thread in the Kikolani blog about this topic.

    I’ve included a link to this article. My previous assumptions are being challenged!

  • Kyle Alm

    I noticed this too recently. Great rundown of the LinkedIn page.

    It wouldn’t surprise me if this move by LinkedIn is to get more people to use their business pages. I recently set up a business profile. Anyone who is needs SEO probably has a business.

    It’s too bad though because LinkedIn is a top result on Google for any name. If you wanted to link your profiles and/or personal domain to your profile there isn’t any reason why those should be given a nofollow tag. It’s always going to be a few bad apples but LinkedIn should have gone with a different approach, verified accounts seems like a real no brainer. Instead of a nofollow tag they could have used a different microformat. Ultimately it’s pretty disappointing that LinkedIn would do away with the ‘link.’ Hopefully it’s not a trend.

  • Laki Politis

    It’s an absolute annoyance. I’ve set up my business account, my personal profile, uploaded my resume, joined groups, and fully participated as a linkedIn user, and they can’t even reward me with such a small little droplet of link juice. For my site, it would make the world of difference, for them they wouldn’t even notice.