• Dustin Heap

    Despite fear of Scott thinking I’m cyber-stalking him I came across this and loved this article. I’ve always been curious of the behind the scenes marketing involved in this contest as I’m one of the ones who’ve consistently entered (and not won. :( ) a Zagg contest. I know it’s unlikely but I’d love to see a detailed Moz type TAGFEE post on the actual traffic/revenue numbers from an Ipad an hour giveaway contest.

  • Bags

    This is a fantastic post on the ROI of giveaways. I think a lot of companies are scared of giveaways because of the difficulty in tracking ROI. Not only does this post prove it’s possible, but it proves that it’s profitable… not to mention the SEO value.

    Kudos to Scott. Well done, my friend.

  • Matthew Hunt

    this was an amazing piece. tons of gems in here. like you said, the real trick is capturing that email so you can con’t to market to those that opt into the contest. most smb miss that and that is why they even lose $ on deal sites too. great insight here.