• Bonnie Schwartz

    How much do u think Amazon spends on Paid Search a month. It is nuts how they show up for everything. Even things that can’t be sold as per your examples. Great Post Crystal!

  • Mark Kennedy

    Great post. The first thing I thought of when I started reading this is that dynamic ads are disastrous without negative keywords, but you made that point at the end of your post. If you are going to use dynamic ads, the neg list is the most important factor.

    Whenever I explain PPC to people and use examples, you always see companies doing this. I tend to notice ebay doing it a lot.

  • Dave Davis

    Some great examples there. Surprised you left the old reliable eBay out of it :)

    Thanks also for the link!

  • Crystal

    Bonnie – It is amazing, isn’t it? To think about how much money they waste on promoting things they cannot even get an ROI on….

    Mark – Thanks for your feedback! I agree with you 100% – eBay and Amazon are probably 2 of the biggest examples of how NOT to use Keyword Insertion. Their campaigns could certainly benefit from a giant negative keyword build!

    Dave – No problem, thanks for your comment! Your post had some great information on how to best use keyword insertion, and avoid the mishaps I pointed out!

  • Anthony

    Too funny. You really should have sent this to them privately to try and earn their PPC business :-)

  • Bronwyn

    Ebay used to be shocking for showing up for anything and everything with keyword insertion, rarely did the majority of their ads make any sense.

    Another huge mistake is the lack of negative keywords being used – example search immigration visa or immigration visa card and the number of credit card ads that display is interesting

  • Crystal Anderson

    @Bronwyn Thanks for checking out the blog! You are absolutely on point – lack of negatives is often the culprit for bad & incorrect use of DKI!