• Brian

    Never even thought of it that way. At first I was like, “I can’t imagine the map scrolling down over the ads works well for Google. Seems like it’s covering their bread and butter” .. but very interesting point you make with forcing competitors to up their bids and ad spend

  • Justin

    Though the sample is small, the ads I run in positions 4-6 are not performing as well as in the past. These positions used to be quite profitable but now their margin has tightened.

    It makes sense for Google, drive up the cost of the top 3 spots, which ultimately puts more cash in their pockets. It will be interesting to see what occurs if bidding for the tops three spots gets out of hand. Could it backfire and make some advertisers stop doing PPC?

  • Crystal

    Brian – Thanks for your comment! It will definitely be interesting to see how we may have to adjust our ppc strategy as a result of these changes!

    Justin – Interesting to hear you are already seeing a tightened margin! It will certainly be important for all of us to keep a close eye as we continue to aggregate data. As Brian mentioned, since it is their Bread & Butter, I would think Google would not roll something out they thought would cause advertisers to drop out.. but I guess we will just have to wait and see and let the data show us if this is something to be concerned about!

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