• Lyman Perrine

    This is a great tut. I work with many companies where branded keywords are crucial to their campaigns success. I’ll have analyze the data to look for dips. Thanks for the reminder :)

  • Ben Spak

    A shocking thought indeed! Another tactic worth mentioning here is “cookie stuffing”

  • Boyang Sun

    just had this happen last week. an affiliate hijacked a lot of traffic and sales revenue through our branding terms. everything is 100% just like the way you described. except in a less obvious way since we are just recovering from Holidays Hyperdemand, a little drop in traffic was expected.

    I lowered my bids and searched for branding terms in Ad Preview and Diagnosis, BAM there it is. My ads were not showing due to a similar Display URL in another account. Click on the affiliate version of my branding ad. Copied it the tracking code. Sent it to the Affiliate manager. and the affiliate got all his commission this month voided.

    It is an extremely cheap tactic for affiliates to bid on branding terms when their contract explicitly states that they are not supposed to..