Is a 20,000+ word keywords meta tag a bad idea?

At a recent Affiliate SummitI was asked if a 20,000 keywords meta tag was a good idea. Don’t believe me here’s the video:

So next time you think SEO has no future, remember that what we think of as common place simple SEO is still foreign to so many people as greywolf outlines so well.

While I was a bit short in this video, I really wanted to stress the point that this person was wasting their time, so while yes many of us should be reading these 10 books to save our SEO jobs so many of us need to still read up on the basics, so here are a few favorites, sorry if it is an SEOmoz love fest, but its good stuff:

    SEOMOZ Ranking Factors
    SEO for Beginners
    Oldie but goodie