A Few Thousand Heads Are Better Than One

A Focused Approach (With Some Help)
When we started our business, we were faced with a choice – to dabble in lots of different areas or specialize in search marketing alone. The decision we made to focus on what we do best is why we’ve been one of Philadelphia’s fastest growing companies for 4 years straight. That said, we’re true believers that no one can succeed entirely on their own. Getting great ideas and products out to the world requires great partners. Over the years, we’ve constantly vetted a network of resources to help make sure our clients are always dazzled.

Our Partners
Lennon and McCartney. Batman and Robin. Holmes and Watson. They could have been pretty good flying solo, but together they became legends. Here are some of the people and organizations that let us create legendary results.

  • Creative Masters – Designers. Developers. Copywriters. Freelancers. Consultants. We look at ourselves as problem solvers, and problems don’t end with search marketing. We’ve forged relationships with some of the brightest, most creative people in their fields. So whenever a client or situation requires a resource, we’ve got the perfect choice within minutes.
  • Business Community – A free exchange of information makes everyone better. We’re active in tech associations and industry organizations. We speak, write, and publish. Our associates maintain close ties with industry leaders and are recognized as such by others.
  • Human Community – Our community has given us the opportunity to succeed. In return, we believe in helping it thrive. That’s why all of our employees donate time to charity organizations of their choice. It’s also the reason that SEER contributes financially to one of these groups every month. Of all our partnerships, this is the one of which we’re proudest.

Our Partnerships Equal Your Results
With SEER, you don’t only get a search marketing firm. You also get to tap into our network of vital partnerships. The result is a collaborative experience that brings your vision of online and offline success to life.

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