• Graeme Benge

    Aichlee, what a great post. Not played with Macros too much but Screaming Frog is going to get the treatment now as well as a few link profiling tools! Great work.

  • Aichlee Bushnell

    Thanks, Graeme. Have fun with it!

  • Zach

    Aichlee, great you finally shared this with the public, I use this all the time since you’ve sent it to me.

  • Aichlee Bushnell

    Thanks, Zach. I’m glad that you’re using it :)

  • Danny

    Aichlee, you’re awesome. I Google’d: “screamingfrog multiple exports imports to excel” and what comes up? A FULL GUIDE. Thank you thank you thank you.

    I ran into a couple snafus, maybe you can help. First, is there a best practice for naming and saving the macros from the visual basic editor? I saved mine locally for the time being. Second, when I clicked “Run” at the end, nothing happened. Do I need to have ScreamingFrog exports ready in some folder before running the macro?

    I’m using Excel 2010, Windows 7.


  • Aichlee Bushnell

    Ah, good. Sorry that I missed your question! Glad it worked for you :)

  • Matthew Deming


    Thanks for posting this macro. Love it…style points to you as well as functionality. I’m working on modifying it so I can delete multiple columns when the files are imported as I do not need certain columns. Can you point me to the area in the code where I would enter the columns to be deleted? Thanks.

  • Aichlee Bushnell

    You should be able to add column deletions under this line in the macro:


    Hope that helps!

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