• Jose Uzcategui

    Woooo… thanks for sharing the love, Wil.

    This post actually made me smile, not because I’m glad everyone is screwing up, but because sometimes you can’t help but to think you’re alone dealing with these situations. All these problems sound awfully familiar.

  • FlyBoy Wakesurf

    Totally agree. I sell high end wakesurf boards and it’s almst exclusively relationship based. If I was selling bulk commodities, perhaps I wouldn’t be overly concerned with managing the relationship well, but when I hope to get referrals or repeat business, I focus on managing that customer relationship well.

  • Nick Eubanks

    Wil – I’m really glad i came across this post today. I am on the fence whether or not to walk away from a client relationship because i fear we cannot produce the kind of results we like to under the current circumstances with outside contractors.

    At the very least i think i will be opening up another discussion with my team before proceeding as planned.

    thanks again.

  • Wil Reynolds

    @jose – thats what its all about, so many companies talk about their successes (as they should) but don’t want to be open enough about teaching with mistakes as much as they teach with success.

    @nick – I’m glad you came across this today too :) Glad to know this helped you out in some capacity.

  • Cody Baird

    I listened to another presentation recently where you shared your mistakes in link building. I really appreciate transparency and ownership, for good or bad. Love that about you. Thanks for sharing so rookies like myself can learn with you.