• Forum Communications, Inc.

    Funny how people “panic” for no good reason. Traditional PR, old-school marketing efforts, SEO and reputation management should ALL be a part of an organization’s ongoing plan for success. Why do so few see it that way?

  • Thomas

    Well spill the beans and link to the Press Release so we can see it!

  • Winson Yeung

    that’s really an awesome links you gottten from pr web!

  • Alisa Scharf

    Ha! Sorry Thomas, can’t link to the press release – we signed an NDA with the client. I can clarify that the full press release wasn’t picked up – a journalist used the information we released in the press release as part of his story and cited/linked to us in the content.

    And I can also say that the journalist wrote the story for The Atlantic, so that’s where the DA96 part comes in :)

  • Corey Dubeau

    Which of the service package from PRWeb did you use? (Standard, Advanced, Premium, Financial) Also, what about the link in the actual press release itself? is DA98, and the link is do-follow I believe.

  • Alisa Scharf

    Not sure on the service package, our client submitted it on their own. I wouldn’t count on much value from the PRweb link itself, I think that’s more of what Matt Cutts is referring to when he says the value of those links will be diluted – too easy to game that system. Thanks for reading!

  • Gregory Smith

    Really – let’s see it…

  • Alisa Scharf

    Sorry Gregory – I noted in another comment that I can’t link to the article, we signed an NDA with the client. Thanks for reading though!

  • Rank Watch

    Great Post Alisa. We have seen people spamming press release sites. Press releases make sense to bloggers, journalists and users only when they are genuine and add value to them. This is really when they link to brand naturally, i.e. their product, service, new survey etc. done by them.

  • jeff jones

    I would not even bother with PRweb for any PROPER PR campaign, they mainly focus on automated coverage which is useless, it’s a mirror! We use Pressat and BusinessWire for newsworthy stuff or even just in house email lists.