• Anna Barker

    Great article, Sam. Suppressing negative content is an ongoing process that involves constant innovation to stay in compliance with Google. As long as RoR, Yelp, and others continue to make money from the page views and removal arbitration, they have no incentive to fix the negatives. It would really help if Google would recognize these sites as having poor content and not make them so hard to wrestle reactively.

  • Bill Wanner

    Great article. Have seen negative examples of not paying attention to this in other business

  • Dennis Brown

    You nailed a lot of great points here, Sam. @disqus_SidFRl6V6w:disqus – Yes the content is poor. But, I don’t expect Google to drop these in the index anytime soon (like they did with Mugshot sites). They are high traffic sites and the click volumes are producing a ton of revenue for Google Ads. Even though the Ad side and Search side are supposed to function “seperately”, there’s big money there. What will help is a legit verification process across all of the review sites so that all of the anonimity can be removed. Without anonymous commenting, I think you’ll see a drop in the traffic for all of these sites. People like to hide in the shadows!

  • Sam

    Hi Dennis, Thanks for your comment! Google wants to rank the most relevant content. Although if Google finds out algorithmically that the content being posted on these forums is not relevant or false we could potentially see them slip in rankings.

  • Sam

    Thanks for your comment and support Dad! If you see any negatives about your clients let me know if I can help answer any questions.

  • Sam

    Thanks for your comment Anna! I agree with you that Google may be over looking how negatively these review are affecting businesses and just looking at the $’s and cents.

  • Jack

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