• Matt Mikulla

    Those are excellent tips Wil.

    I was at a local internet marketing meetup the other night and someone tipped me off to Wordtracker Keyword Questions. It’s very useful tool to find certain questions around a keyword to write about.

  • Lindsay Wassell

    I am the slowest writer on the planet. Though hugely rewarding from a business perspective, putting out my own blog posts is a challenge because it is such a substantial time investment. Really. I’ll use some of these tips for myself first, then see about rolling them out to clients. Thanks for giving me another way to think about content production.

  • Brian Young

    Simple, effective, measurable — I like this strategy a lot. Thanks Wil.

  • Kyle

    Fantastic post! I have the same problem with content development and will definitely use this to develop new post ideas. Thanks Wil!

  • Chris Carragher

    Wil – All very good ideas. Thanks for sharing.
    Matt – Thanks for bringing up WordTracker Keyword Questions. I’ll definitely bookmark this page and re-visit when needed.

  • Geno Prussakov

    Good advice (as always), Wil. These tips can also greatly improve the quality (and effectiveness) of content on affiliate sites. Thanks for taking the time to put this together.

    Are you gonna be at PubCon South in a month? Would love to meet in person.

  • Wil Reynolds

    @Geno, I wish…the travel schedule this year is insane and something had to get the axe. and it was sxsw and pubcon. :(

    @chris you got it buddy.

    @kyle thx

    @brian thats what I liked about the strategy, quick & easy to implement.

    @lindsay – I’m with you…trying it even for yourself is huge. If you can train someone, you can really get to a system where you can say, “insert screen cap of serp” as you record the ideas, and they’ll know how to do all of that for you.

    @matt that wordtracker tool will be on my to check out list this weekend

  • VSEO Social Media

    Good stuff Will. People (like me) and my readers find it easier to follow a well designed PLAN when wanting to perform such tasks. This makes for an easy to follow step-by-step approach.

    I did a similar post on my blog, but it wasn’t as clear (I like the time line you added) which means I’m gonna have to go back and update my post or do another using your model. Strong work!

  • Sunny.

    Hey Will,

    First like everybody said – Your post rocks !

    Second – I am from India , dont kick on my stomach, just kidding.

    Indians can produce quality, you see first Indian to reach this post :)

    Cheers !

  • Sunny.

    Wil – tip from India :)

    Good tool for finding local keywords…

  • Nick DeLuca

    Will, Love the tips you wrote here. I use that google search tip in the beginning of your article and it works wonders for us. We show clients that this is what people are actually searching for. It’s easy for them to search and play around, then when done we build the content based off of that! Keep up the great work!

  • Wil Reynolds

    @sunny thanks for sharing! And you are absolutely right, quality can come from India for sure, sorry for not mentioning that. Unfortunately a lot of the solicitations I get don’t reflect well on those who do content well.

    @nick thank you buddy! I’m glad you’ve Ben using this strategy as well, it just makes sense to produce content that you know people are searching for you know?

  • Ryan Lamothe

    Great idea, Wil! I have recently been watching a lot of your YouTube Videos and find you to be one of the more realistic SEO’ers out there. Maybe not the most flattering adjective, realistic, but in the SEO world, I think that says a lot. I will be re-posting this article, with a link of course, on my site personal site Ryan Lamothe and my company’s site, SearchENVISION. I would also like to pick your brain a bit, what is th best email to contact you@?

  • Wil Reynolds

    wilr at this domain, pick away at

  • Joseph Cannizzo

    This post will definitely help me keep regimented with my blog post creation. I procrastinate frequently however, I think this will keep me on track.

  • Andrew

    Are you outsourcing all of the content writing and only including the interview portion as the 1 hour a month? Otherwise, if you’re creating the content yourself from the interview, it surely would take more than an hour to generate 2-3 quality posts.

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