• Chris M

    Thank you for the post, Crystal, I really enjoyed it.

    Would you ever be willing to give us an example or case study of a time where you suggested a campaign and then pivoted to land the client? I’m not looking for you to write an essay, don’t get me wrong, I’m just curious as I find examples create inspiration :)

  • Crystal

    Glad that you enjoyed it, Chris.

    I can definitely give an example of this! Let me put some thought into what would be the most useful one. I’ll post it here once I do!

  • Chris M

    Looking forward to it, Crystal.

  • Sean McFillin

    Nice post.
    I was reading it from a different perspective. I’ve been the client for three years now.
    In everything I have ever worked on, I always try to remind myself that we are all human.
    Nobody likes to be sold on something unfamiliar. We immediately retreat and tread cautiously. What seems to work for me is an informal discussion (one on one) to share “an idea” with the decision maker. End the conversation with the standard “let me do some more research and see if this could work.”
    Then when you propose the strategy to the client as an official proposal, the client feels like he has been part of the process along the way.
    But you are right, #1 is the most important. Once trust has been established we are always more willing to say “Yes.” And much more approachable.
    Give Wil a hug for me.

  • Chris M

    @Sean – I like your approach, it’s actually something that I do on a regular basis; I’m a big fan of my clients who don’t know too much about SEO (hence hiring me), but are willing to sit down and discuss how these things work and what I’m going to do to assist them. I see it as too fold, like you say, the client then feels comfortable and trusts the person, and on the other side, the person doing the work can establish expectations and deliver on them.

    Really awesome to have you (the client) come along and chat to us, hearing it from your side is rather rare and I appreciate this.

  • Crystal

    Sean, thanks for sharing the perspective of the client. I couldn’t agree with you more – a collaborative partnership is key. The goal should always be the find the optimal strategy, which should utilize the expertise of the marketing and the business side.

  • Chris P

    Thanks for the post! Many times companies don’t understand or realize the need for over the top customer service and write it off as an expense worth cutting, but customers really remain loyal if you value them as people and not as dollar signs.

  • Crysatl

    Chris, thanks for checking out the post! You are on the exact same page. Building a relationship versus focusing just on the dollars can really change how the partnership evolves!