• Jes Carney

    Eye-Opening post Laura, thank you!

    I took a like at my clients who have Omniture to see if it would help shed some light on a pattern for you, and don’t see a link back to Omniture on any of them; two of these sites are retail sites with Page Ranks of 5 or less and the other two are sites with Page Ranks of 6 – 8. There doesn’t seem to a pattern there, however they are all on Omniture Suite/SiteCatalyst 14.

    Looking forward to your next post.



    I just checked my a site I knew used Omniture – – and Yep – the link is in there.

    I was hoping you were going to give a strategy for using this to our advantage.

  • Matt Cutts

    These noscript links won’t affect Google’s search results–thanks for checking though!

  • laura

    @Jes – Thanks for checking. We were 1 for 3 on our clients on Omniture.

    @afewtips – I could think of a few ways but I wasn’t sure there even was an advantage, which seems to be clarified by Matt.

    @MattCutts – Thank you for reading & clarifying!

  • Tom

    Cool post, I enjoyed it.

  • jacob morgan

    matt you are right that it does not affect search results, but our tests reveal that it DOES affect relevancy, you guys should nail them for doing that.


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  • fGear

    Why doesn’t it affect search results? Is all noscript ignored by goog in terms of link passing? Theres no need for them to even include a link in it but I suppose they thought they were being smart, e.g. google analytics doesnt.

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