• markkennedysem

    Nice post, Saurav. I love the “Now What” section as that it what this boils down to. You have show people the opportunity of mobile and what better way than have them go through the mobile experience themselves.

  • Saurav Rimal

    Thank you Mark, yes absolutely that’s the way to do it. They have to experience it themselves to realize the issue.

  • Bill Zientek

    Mobile marketing is still in its infancy. It’s becoming more relevant and important everyday. Business owners who prepare for the upcoming mobile “explosion” will reap the greatest rewards!

  • Alex Rascanu

    Good article, Saurav. Sites that are designed not only for desktop, but also for mobile and tablet devices, are not leaving money on the table. And as their share of eCommerce continues to grow, the need to bring up the points you’re making in the ‘Now what?’ section of your article becomes an imperative.

  • Rick Brown

    Mobile affiliated marketing has served a lot to the professionals and additionally, they can explore their skills as well using such a dynamic platform.