• MLDina

    I think it’s great that you found valid linkbuilding opportunities from voluntary information provided by twitter and bloggers. While of course, it will take some time to research and do the ground work, it can be valuable. It also looks like a niche not a lot of marketers have tapped into in this way before. Good luck, and keep us updated on the results!

  • Sarah Whitman

    Hello! Thanks for the dog friendly info. I am the founder of, one of the sites mentioned in your article. Thank you for mentioning my site. I just wanted to clarify something. In the post, it mentioned that my site is a framed site and might minimize link value a bit. I wanted to explain that the links I provide through the framed sites are not really the central focus of the services I provide. Yes, I do provide a link to the company website via a framed method, but the bulk of what I do is I build a feature page for each company (or rescue). Then I market the company or rescue through a welcome announcement on my newsletter, an article on my blogs, a front page spot on my website, and search engine marketing. Companies and rescues can also submit their news and I will post it on my blogs… more marketing.

    So, just wanted to let people know. One more thing: rescues post free, and companies get the first month free, after which it is only $10 a month or $100 for the year to stay on the sites.


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  • MisterPeabody

    Hi! Thanks for mentioning my blog, This was an interesting article :) ~ @MisterPeabody

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  • Alan Bleiweiss

    I agree that this is a totally under-served marketing opportunity! Great post. SEO people and marketing pros need to read this and move beyond the basics. This is a perfect example of understanding a market opportunity.

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  • Peter Caputa

    Great preso and lesson. It’s rare to find an agency that is really good at link building the right way. I recently stumbled upon you guys from your top ranking at

    The fact that you do link building the right way is, I’m sure, a huge reason your on that list.

    Keep up the good work. We need more agencies that lead by example.

  • wil

    Peter, thanks for the comments, its a hard battle though. Clients often just want you to “go get some links” and they rarely want to actually develop ideas, services, blog posts, etc that would help give us the fodder we need to go get those links for them.

    With that said, asking the right questions can pull opportunities out of them that they would have otherwise never told ya.

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  • Aundre

    An answer from an expert! Thanks for contbriutnig.