• @Randy_Gniadecki

    You are absolutely right about the estimator’s data tending to be on the high side.
    I have found it to be very useful when looking to determine budgets between DMAs. In the account I was running we were promoting a headache clinic to Chicago, Milwaukee, and Indianapolis. I found that the ratios between the DMAs average cost was in line with the ratios on the estimator. Since the campaign was very broadly targeted, for instance we bid on “headache,” the estimator had plenty of data for these major population centers.

  • joanne hart

    @Randy_Gniadecki Thanks for your feedback! It’s true that the more general/broad the term the more likely you are to at least get some data. Our reps at Google did tell us that the customized location estimates aren’t too reliable so what I generally do now is just run state-wide estimates and make a note that the estimate is high.