• Paul Lima

    Terrific review of a solid tool. This is a terrific example of a job left undone where senior marketing folks focused a bit too much in the functionality of the site and didn’t look at how to drive traffic to it.

    A live help feature would also have been helpful, and if it existed, I’ll be taking my treo with me to use it next time in walking around the store for 10 minutes looking for help.

    My intuition is that the developers of this application were tech savvy and forgot about the marketing. This was an example of a team that may not have known about online marketing.

  • CeilingFanExpert

    I attended the Internet Retailer convention where this tool was described at length, and have since considered building a similar tool for one of our websites. When I returned from the convention and checked out the tool, it was being promoted in a prominent position on their homepage.

    However, now only a month later, I see the tool is not linked on the homepage and you now must dig around a bit to find it if you know what you are looking for.

    So as I search for the reason why, I came across some research that addressed this very issue with the Grill Finder specifically as well as some other similar tools. The suggestion is that, yes, the Grill finder increases conversions by 50% when the tool is used. But the critical statement is “When it is used”…inferring that not enough people actually use the tool.

    This indicates to me why Home Depot removed the tool from their homepage and hid it away. They probably were showing a decrease in total grill sales because they were directing people to the tool, but too many people were not using it because the average consumer is just not savvy enough to figure it out…

    I’m sure glad that I let Home Depot do the live test for me on this one, because I think I will need to put the idea on the backburner for a while.

    Any further insight on this would be greatly appreciated.

  • wil

    Hmmm, good points…that might be the case, if it got in the way why would they keep it live at all though.

    Either way, your points indicate some great reasons why someone may want to pull such a tool.

    I think that when given a relatively complex sale people like recommendation engines.

    From this page on amazon:
    you’ll notice their selector tool has been up for years, not to say that they might have a different experience, but I know they are heavy data junkies there. While many large retailers have a LONG way to go: