• Jim Kukral

    I couldn’t agree more Wil. Great message.

  • Tricia Meyer

    I love this post! I’m so glad that I stumbled upon your presentation at ASW. Not only are you great at what you do, but your attitude about life in general is awesome. Consider me part follower and part stalker now. LOL!

  • Jordan Epstein

    I love it! Reminded me of my favorite bit of Eastern Philosophy. From the Yoga Sutras on how to remain peaceful:

    1. Be joyous to those who are happy. (Not jealous)
    2. Be compassionate to those who suffer misfortune. (Don’t hate or elevate yourself by comparing your condition to theirs)
    3. Get delight out of the virtuous (Don’t try to bring people down)
    4. Be accepting and indifferent to the wicked (Don’t waste your energy trying to take the burden of fixing someone else’s mistakes. Be reactive, but don’t take responsibility. You will often get caught up in argument…etc.)


  • ms danielle

    sometimes we have the instincts to be that guy, and it takes great strength just to not slip up and be him. it’s in that moment that we’re tested… thanks for the great article! and for reminding us that great character can reap great rewards.

    also, glad you posted the vid. i remember being at that session! :)

  • Cathy Stucker

    Great post, Wil. Playing a constant game of “gotcha” is unproductive and leads to bad karma. Like Mom always said, “If you can’t say something nice…” ;o)

    Enjoyed your presentation at ASW09. You were, as always, informative and inspiring.

  • wil

    @jim – thx

    @jordan – love the additions, good word to live by

    @danielle – missed you at ASW! I think we all have to keep that part of us in check, you got it right it is in those moments where we are tested, how we react is what separates us. I’ll admit when a competitor goes under I get that yeah feeling, but then its immediately followed up by a sad feeling for the employees of those companies, UNLESS the company was a shady shill of an outfit.

    @tricia – glad you liked it. I need stalkers, glad to have you around!

    @cathy – always good seeing you and fellow HS’s

  • Tom – Team NED

    Great post!

    I do need to get a new blender. You may of got this guy a sale! =)

  • Alan Underkofler

    Hi Wil!

    Great presentation at Affiliate Summit West! Really enjoyed your perspective and this post is fantastic! Thanks!

  • wil

    @tom – I think he’ll appreciate that

    @alan – Thank you! I had a blast myself.