• Phil Boyle

    Sorry, but isn’t this a metric developed by, not Google? Their documentation is just on a Google Sites page.

  • Josh

    Thanks for the heads up on this new algo. This fits in with Google’s mission to speed up the internet by making speed metrics part of the search algo, thereby forcing sites to speed up or get left behind.

  • Martijn Oud

    All of this shouldn’t be necessary if facebook just made their Like buttons/plugins load faster ;).

  • Patrick Meenan

    The “Speed Index” isn’t a signal or anything else search related. This is a new measurement technique that we made available on WebPagetest to better gauge the end-user experience (and, in particular, to compare multiple experiences).

    Just wanted to make sure everyone doesn’t jump out and go optimizing it in the hopes it will have any SEO impact.

    What it SHOULD do is help improve the end-user experiences which is a good thing and hopefully as an industry we will find a way to get measurements like this into the browsers and into the field but we’re still quite a ways from there.

  • Patrick Meenan

    Technically it was developed for WebPagetest by Google (where I am an engineer working on making the web faster).

    The docs for WebPagetest are on a sites page with probably added to the confusion.

  • Howard Gottlieb

    Interestingly some javascript used for social networks can dramatically slow your page load time.

  • Courtney Cox

    Interesting, but Google has been using site speed in their algo for some time now.

  • Chris Le

    @patrick Ah! Thank you very much for the clarification!

  • Chris Le

    @Matijn LOL. They should be loading asynchronously anyway. But I get your point :)

  • Chris Le

    @Howard I’ve also seen other analytics products (not Google Analytics) still loading their JS * SYNCHRONOUSLY*. OMG, it’s 2012, people. Really!? Open up the inspector and look for really long lines. That should help you identify the anchors that are holding your page back.

  • Tom Conte

    Is it correct in saying that the onload event identifies Page Speed? I believe that would be Speed Index while DOMContentLoaded indicates Page Speed (The point when the browser stops spinning).

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