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Google's Making a Liar Out of You

As search algorithms get better (or worse per your perspective), not just anyone can get top rankings for competitive terms. Google Universal is putting more rich content on page one and Wikipedia is dominating generic terms.

What does this mean for you?
There’s an old saying I repeat to others often:

“Locks are not to keep criminals out, but to keep honest people honest.”

Let’s relate this to search.
If a site has no business ranking well for “b2b lead generation” – i.e., no one is talking about this site, no one is linking to them, other sites are better candidates, and they’re obviously not a “leader in the industry” – then Google’s going to keep you honest by keeping the site out of the results.

So you’re not appearing in Google everywhere you’d like to be…
If you deserve to be in front of those visitors then ensure you’re focused. Your business will grow if you’re a good businessperson and hard worker. To stand out online one needs to innovate now more than ever. So this means some businesses will do better online, and some will do poorly. The laws of competition say those who fail in a business area will try something else. And that’s okay too, everyone’s good at something. Let’s not fool ourselves into imagining we can rank well for everything that is high volume and remotely related to the business. If we want traffic as site owners, we need to argue with ourselves as to why we deserve it!

The algorithms are getting pretty good in my opinion. I hope they can help to keep us honest (at least online) about what we claim to do as business people.