• Adrian Drysdale

    WOW! Have never seen sitelinks that big. I can see every business in the world wanting this.

  • Ian Bowden

    This isn’t new; have had these results and then for a couple of months. I agree with the authors remarks though.

  • Kane

    Wow, talk about some brand preference – that’s 80% of the screen dedicated to your company… and that’s assuming that someone else is ranking for your second spot, which could be easily overtaken by a Facebook or Twitter page. There’s not even paid listings getting in the way on those examples, aside from FreePeople having their own ad show up.

  • Adam Melson

    Adrian- definitely big if they roll it out.

    Ian – I searched through your site & Arena’s and didn’t find anything on this. Have you been seeing anything different? I’m seeing Google providing 10-12 for some more major site, but also changing up how they display just 2-4 sitelinks. The more knowledge & examples we have out there, the better we’ll be able to digest these potential changes.

    Kane – definitely pushing the brand preference, with twitter, facebook & possibly another related site a company could take out everything above the break. Crazy.

  • John

    Certainly Google is trying to change so many things!
    Just few hour back – I saw a PPC ad having 4 sitelinks 9Sorry didn’t take the screenshot – but pls believe me) for a search I was doing!
    So guys be ready to get more selfish conduct on the part of Google that would give more importance to its revenue than its users in the near future. After all its jut a business and nothing else — the Google shareholders will always want profits and Google will have to innovate ways to multiply it. PERIOD!

  • Christian Oliveira

    Those sitelinks are appearing in Spain sometimes too. In our case, the new sitelinks gets more attraction from the user but less space compared to the previous SERPs. Compare the new one: with the “classical” one: (see the position of the Twitter account).

    I think this will probably change a lot when Google let companies create Google+ profiles, as they will be able to integrate not only pages from a domain but social networks associated with them, people working for them, and so on.

  • Mark

    Adding a quick update here…

    Not seeing it for hyper-competitive kws where there are exact match domains…

    Cheap Flights:

    SEO Company:

    …but…we are seeing them in somehwat less competitive spaces like

    Blank Shirts:

    Natural Area Rugs:

    Will be very interesting to see how this continues to impact queries with exact-match domains.

  • Brett

    Quick update to Mark’s comment…natural area rugs example can be seen here:

  • Christian Oliveira
  • Todd Bertsch

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