• Aliza Earnshaw

    Adam, I can see why you’d be concerned about price wars…..Google ramps everything up another notch. As a consumer, though, I can tell you I love this change. I just did a little “shopping” and discovered a Mountain Hardwear item at 5 different prices, one of them at a local store.

  • Jessica Hill

    Aliza – I completely agree. Being on the other side just makes me shudder a little knowing all the work that has been done for clients. As an SEO, I should be used to this!

  • Danny

    Price wars are an issue on any shopping comparison site. I actually remember reading a blog review on shopping comparison sites and the author was disappointed with Google shopping not doing a good enough job comparing prices. I also see many similarities between Google shopping and Amazon, I think Google is trying to create something like a product catalog, something similar to Amazon.