Google Knol is Behaviorally Targeting & Ranking well!

Just thought I’d let everyone know, that on a search for how to backpack in Google is showing a top 5 result for Google Knol.

There are many who have covered what Google Knol is you can see what it is here and here these are my favorites, Aaron Wall has started his SEO basics Google Knol.

No need for intros here lets get to the MEAT!

Google SERP

Google ad

I did the search above and got a result that showed the Google Knol page in the top 5!

What was interesting is the text ad that showed on the “How to Backpack” Google Knol:

You probably are thinking…what’s the problem Wil?

Here’s the problem…the ad for a CMMS/EAM software appears to be BEHAVIORAL, yes I said it. I was logged out of my account when the ad showed.

I only visited that site because I talked about how they are spamming in a tweet.

This sounds like behavioral targeting to me in some way, shape, or form. Why else would a Google Knol page show an UNRELATED ad (I was on a backpacking page) for something I searched for and a site I visited almost 22 days ago?

I would be shaking in my boots if I was a content producer who relies on Google Traffic, I have a wise friend who is trying to minimize his reliance on Google for traffic and it is a smart move, actually what is funny is by working to minimize Google referral traffic as an overall percentage of traffic he’ll be doing the RIGHT things (like engaging with the community, producing tools and API’s) all of which will make them more credible to Google and help them to have good rankings!