• Peter – AdWords Management

    This is a good step forward for Google in my opinion. Looking at the new layouts, this would make them look very similar to standard organic listings (ie the title tag). Perhaps google is hoping to get more clicks into those ads (therefore making them money).

    Again, good call Google.

  • Robert Brady

    One concern: If Line 1 ends in punctuation, why is that punctuation not appearing in the “new” look? If Line 1 were a question and they dropped the question mark it would be problematic.

  • Max Shelley

    Agree with above post – you mention that line 1 needs to end in punctuation, but it’s not shown on the example shot. Is that just an oversight?


  • Francis Shovlin

    Robert, that is a GREAT point. I am curious to see how they will handle that situation.

  • Jeremy Brown

    I wonder if anyone has any early results to share. It would be helpful to have an idea what the bump in CTR might be.

  • PPC For Hire

    Hey Francis,

    Thanks for the shoutout. I definitely expect CPCs to increase in the coming months as companies begin testing higher positioning to take advantage of the extended headlines. This is definitely an interesting move by Google!

  • Marcus Miller

    Hmmm, better user experience or better ad performance? Given that the average person (eg my mom) thinks that Google is the internet this all seems like a ploy to mislead the average user. Still, given that ads are often more relevant, will the organic serps become home of the bargain hunters?

    Well, hope so, as I don’t advertise and our prices are a bargain. ;)

  • David Rothwell

    This is a similar format to when ads show in gmail messages. They’ve probably tested there for readability and click response.

  • Francis Shovlin

    Marcus & Peter,

    I wonder if your theories are true. This, combined with the recent changes to the display URL, make paid ads resemble organic listings.

    And to expand on my “better user experience” line, Google said they “believe that it improves both the user experience and advertiser performance.”

    Guess we’ll see soon.

  • Jay

    Thanks for the information. I have noticed some changes in results and was curious as to why the sites always listed on top had dropped anywhere from several positions to several pages. These sites have little content and apparently were bumped back because of it.

  • Brian

    Where’s the punctuation in the examples? Does Google drop the punctuation automatically?

  • cmsbuffet

    Where did the 3rd line come from? is it from Google Organic?

  • Francis Shovlin

    CMS, the 3rd line is Description Line 2.

    Brian, I am waiting to see what Google does with the punctuation. Those screenshots were provided by Google. From what I’ve seen in other screenshots, it seems that Google has been dropping the punctuation

  • Francis Shovlin

    UPDATE: It seems that Google is not dropping the punctuation in the new ads. Attached a screenshot.