• danleibson

    Great post! I think carousel is going to be huge for local and multi-location national business. The eye tracking studies conducted on it are pretty compelling. A couple of things:

    1) On page 53 of this deck I share a technique for being able to get better data about local carousel traffic

    2) Greg Gifford wrote an excellent piece on the importance of controlling your carousel photo:

    3) If you are going to upload a photo with the hopes of getting it in a carousel, you might want to get some user feedback by running a quick A/B test on

  • Michael Fritzsche


    Your absolutely correct. Any business within the specific verticals of the carousel stand to befit significantly from proper optimization. Unfortunately the local space is a bit confusing for your average business owner, and incredibly complex for the multi-location brand. My company, SIM partners specializes in a local platform tailored for the multi-location brand. With out proper guidance, many marketers will overlook the best strategies and miss out on this highly lucrative customer.

    Great article Sung Jo, thanks for the share.


  • Sergiu Draganus

    Great Article, for sure Google Local Carousel is helping many local business to increase incoming, but it is limited on only 20 results / location, what about the other results ? There is no 2nd page on Google Carousel, so either you are on TOP 20 ( carousel rankings ) or you are out … having almost no online conversion on local search… any thoughts about how to fix this as long as all competitors are already optimized from an Local SEO perspective?

  • Arun Kumar

    Google Carousel is looking very great step to display the local search result. It has great influence on visitors with their reviews and other details of their business pages.