• king

    I have past it on my website. it is working ok. I like it

  • Adrian

    Thats awesome I’m going to download it and come back with my thoughts. Well done Wil and the team. Interesting I signed up for the newsletter 3 weeks ago but haven’t gotten any e-mails yet. Wouldn’t articles like this be sent to my inbox? Keep up the great work!

    One more thing before I go, we need more youtube videos of Wil.

  • Jonas

    Hi, Is it possible to retrieve also the goal name ?
    I only get a title like this : Google Analytics Goal 1

    Thank you

  • Chris Le

    Yes. From the docs: To get all the goals for profile 6789 for web property UA-12345-2 under acount 12345
    $ga->requestAccountFeed('12345', 'UA-12345-2', '~all');

    The last part “~all” tells Google Analytics that you want to get a list of all the goals, their names, etc.

    Good luck!

  • Ruben

    Hi, I’m having the same problem as Jonas. Even if I use detailed parameters, I only get generic names for the goals.

    Thanks in advance

  • Jonas

    Hi Ruben. I found a solution

    add the following code in the accountObjectMapper function:

    foreach ($entry->children(‘′)->goal as $goal){
    if ($goal->attributes()->active==’true’){
    //$properties['goals'][intval($goal->attributes()->number)] = strval($goal->attributes()->name);
    $properties['goals']["goal_name"] = strval($goal->attributes()->name);
    $properties['goals']["goal_number"] = strval($goal->attributes()->number);


  • Ruben Verhack

    Hi Jonas! Thank you very much for your quick answer! Works perfectly :)