• Eduardo Cereto

    Nice list Rachel and thanks for featuring me and the GA copy & paste extension. There will be an update later this week to enable support to all filter types (not only advanced filters).

    PS: There’s a small typo in my name.

  • Julien Coquet

    There is a new GreaseMonkey plugin for copying GA Annotations – a must-have!

  • Rachael Gerson

    @Eduardo Thanks! Looking forward to the update, and to your upcoming post. Fixed the typo, too.

    @Julien Awesome! Thanks for sharing!

  • Shaun Maharaj

    Great post Rachael, thanks for sharing all these!

  • Stephane Guerin

    It’s not a browser extension, but I think it’s relevant and of interest: Do you know Google Analytics Addons?

  • James Svoboda

    Good list. I’m going to be adding several of these today!

    I did just want to mention that you do not need use #8 “Straight to Google Analytics” if you bookmark the correct main page URL. There are 2 and the one you will use depends on which version of Google Analytics you use:

    Original GA Version :
    New GA Version:


  • Rachael Gerson

    @Shaun Thanks! Have fun playing with them :)

    @Stephane Yes, I played with, although it’s been some time. Looks like I should check it out again soon. Signed up for newsletter to get the updated info once it comes out – Thanks!

    @James Good call!!

  • Paul Maddock

    Love lists like this!

    I’d say that number 10 is the most useful for me, I’ve been using it for some time. It’s excellent help when analysing all aspects of tracking.

  • Heather Hudson

    So glad I took the time to visit here after Ben WIlls (Ontolo) gave this blog a shout out. Saving this link to pass on to my team members. Thanks Rachael! I’m too much of a newbie to have any to give back – but I’ll get there.

  • Joel Klettke

    Brilliant. The RegEx checker is my favorite for sure, so much time to be saved now!

  • Tommy

    Great extensions, it saves a lot of time when you work with Google analytics.
    Seo is about getting things done, this list helps me a lot.

  • Rachael Gerson

    @Paul – Agreed, this one is a must-have for me.

    @Heather – Thanks Heather! If I can help you at all, please let me know.

    @Joel – Thank you!

    @Tommy – Exactly, that’s the goal. The less time you need to spend on tedious things, the more you can spend on the actions that will help drive your clients forward :)

  • Paul Gailey

    nice list, thanks fellas!

    this allows you segment on the fly in GA and GWO by referrer and is dead useful and also this bookmarlet will display statisticall confidence inside of GA for ecommerce (and goal) conversions.

  • Rachael Gerson

    Paul, great additions! I haven’t tried the first one yet, looking forward to playing with it.

  • Mridul Gupta

    These are amazing tools…
    I like RegEx checker..

  • Becky

    Thanks Rachel! These are some great tools I can use with my clients!

  • Rachael Gerson

    Becky, no problem, happy these could help you!

  • Saeed Neamati

    I was hoping to find a plugin which gives me a glance of today’s general reports of my website. None of these plugins seem to do that. Thanks anyway for this reference list.

  • Richard
  • William

    Hi Rachael, I’ve just developed a plugin that might be useful perhaps: It highlights the percentage differences when comparing date periods. It used to do this by default but then the feature was removed if you could please have a look and let me know what you think.