• Brad Gosse

    My guess is they are split testing to see the results. Often they experiment with these things and they go away. If this sticks I wonder if it will hurt the case for some long tail strategies :)

  • Adam

    Yep, this is definitely being tested out although some of these are consistent across all computers I’ve tried, logged in or out, at several different locations. We’ll see if this stays as a smaller set of terms or if Google decides to expand it.

  • Dena

    Nice post Adam. I’ve been seeing those footer links for a while on google but shame on me, i haven’t really put a thought on them. If this is true, in few years when you’re searching for “cheap contact lenses”, Google will take you to the credit card charging page of that site immediately :P

    But no seriously if this is true, just like Brad said, this will hurt some long-term strategies. I wouldn’t be shocked if Google actually got this thing through the testing phase, remembering not long ago that search engines were asking your meta tags for how often it should index your site :)

  • Adam

    Dena – the ever changing Google and we all have to react to it. Definitely keeps us on our feet and it’ll be interesting to see which of the small changes we’re seeing will really have a big impact. Thanks for the comment!

  • Chrisitine

    This is a very interesting post. I also did notice it, and sometimes the suggestions given by them are not even related. Maybe its something that they are testing.