• Matt_seo

    NIce post, i have been looking at the Slingshot stuff myself, we have been using a variation of it internally and i wanted to intergrate some more into it. Am looking forward to seeing your version (btw i can’t get the download to work, it says i don’t have permission ofr the folder).

    It’s definitely better if you can use real data rather than GKW Tool stuff.

  • Dave Jones

    Great post, thanks for sharing. Do you know where i can get a log in to download the spreadsheet please? Seems worth a try, always appreciate a good bit of excel/pivot tables esp!

  • Ryan Fontana

    Thanks Dave & Matt! The link should be corrected now, let me know if you are still having any problems!

  • Kees Beckeringh

    Nice work. I think we should not hesitate to use this kind of data as SEO’s.
    Now how about estimating the costs of getting up one or two positions?
    I was thinking about a competitor analysis (for example link profile) and estimate the amount of time*hourly wage on link building ti would take. Use this to make a projection of the benefits (also over time as you keep that position for a while).

  • Ryan Fontana

    Very interesting to include cost into the analysis, Kees. Looking forward to see what you come up with.

  • Alex Adekola

    I think if you presented the numbers more graphically using a pie chart or bar chart it to demonstrate the increase it would be perfect.

  • Mark Simons

    I have recently made an Google Docs sheet with pretty much the same idea behind it.

    Kinda narked I didn’t see this first! Would have saved me some time :) Good work though.