• jgoode

    Wil, this is a perfect issue to bring up and I absolutely agree with your point! Here’s where I am finding the follower count hurting the point that I joined — I believe you never know who you’ll meet and where you’ll meet them, so I try to follow those that follow me. But, the more I am following, I am finding it more and more difficult to notice any one particular person on a consistent basis – how can I possibly have a conversation with anyone when there is so much noise? If I can’t do it with my small head count and great multitasking skills… how can anyone do it with hundreds upon hundreds of people? Do they just not follow back so they are asking for listeners but don’t bother to listen themselves?

    Maybe twitter is just a shoutbox for some folks – for them, that’s ok. For me it doesn’t work – I want to at least try to hear the people that have taken the time to notice me.

  • Rhea Drysdale

    Heh, I feel like a jerk, but had to unfollow a bunch of people yesterday after I saw a well known search marketer begging for more followers. Worse still, another social media expert wrote a script to auto-DM a solicitation asking me to befriend them on another network. Gahhh! When someone takes the time to show me how little they care about my time, we’re done. This should be required reading for anyone that signs up for Twitter.

  • Maria

    I’m going to argue with you a bit here. I don’t think count is always about ego. While I don’t tweet about my number or ask for followers or follow people just because they autofollow back, etc., I do like the idea that something I say sometimes means enough to someone that they decide to follow me. And, honestly, looking at the count makes twitter a little more fun. And when working 12 hours a day, and your only break being a little play on twitter, the fun is very appreciated. Just my two cents.

  • Tom

    LOL, GREAT POST, I agree! – Quality over quantity!

    By the way, I am now following you on Twitter =)

  • wil

    Hey JGoode – You bring up a great point, I try very hard to follow people that follow me, but I use twitter more as a resource than a place to chat with friends, so if someone follows me b/c they like the content I deliver, but when I check out their profile they aren’t really posting a lot that I find useful – I think its OK. I used to try to follow everyone, but the minute it becomes too much noise to signal I have to unfollow. I feel like a bit of a d*ck for doing it, but if I didn’t twitter would be useless for me.

    @Rhea – Thanks for the comment! And I feel bad too when I unfollow but some people use it too much as a watercooler for my tastes. :(

    @Maria – Argue all day! I like a little banter. Believe you me, I track my followers, b/c I want to know if I am doing something to cause a lot of people to leave / unfollow. I also like knowing that my counts are growing and that there are more people out there finding my info useful and valuable, where I draw the line is asking people to follow me or coming up with some gimmick to get followers.

    @Tom – Thanks buddy! I am about 50/50 seo stuff and watercooler stuff, if I talk too much crap @me telling me to shut the heck up and get back to SEO :)

    Thanks everyone!

  • Tim Staines

    I recently passed 100 followers! An ironic and twisted way to start my comment, I know. But I have to say that I had a really hard time NOT saying something about it on Twitter. My gut instinct was to keep it to myself, and I’m glad I did, but there is a significant amount of unintentional peer pressure associated with all of the people that do beg for followers like that.
    Besides the fact that I don’t feel like 100 followers is at all a big deal, I was also noticing heavy fluctuation in follower count a few weeks ago with all the fake followers, so I wasn’t sure if I was going to stay above 100 and didn’t want to be “that guy.”
    Twitter, like SEO, has a funny little clique identity that is really hard to break into IMO. I’m constantly noticing the response that some people get on Twitter, yet I rarely get any answers when I post a question. Maybe when I get to meet some of these people in person the responses will come, but I’ve been a fairly active twitter participant, and the only benefits I’ve received so far are the great links that the people I follow provide.
    For those of you that will be there, I’m attending IM Spring Break as my first SEO/Web Marketing conference. Cheers!