• Jake

    I have a PR 3 on mine. 0.0

    I have not been active lately and I only have about 60 followers.

  • shelly

    Actually, this has been changed in the last week and the bio links now have “nofollows” on them as well now and therefore, do not pass link juice.

  • Rachael

    I know :(

    I was following this closely on Twitter last week, then in the many blogs that came out after. Based on the amount of criticism this change generated, I would not be surprised to see Twitter start allowing certain links to be followed for users who have proven they are not only on Twitter for spamming or linking purposes.

    Either way, it was nice while it lasted!

  • SEO Preston

    Thanks for the input will, lovin the youtube channel (that’s how I arrived here). I have not even dabbled with twitter as yet, but I expect you have a huge following to achieve a PR4 there. I have a quickie question for you, I noticed that my personal facebook account is a PR8 and was wondering whether there was a way to link that to my corporate site. If you have an idea how to do this, I will ensure you receive a link from the site also.

    Keep up the great work… love your attitude and work ethic…


  • asas