• DEP Ecommerce Consultants

    This 12 pack is ridiculous. Has this been confirmed to be a permanent change?

  • Adam Melson

    DEP – Google’s blog says expanded sitelinks are rolling out globally over the next few days. Permanent from what I’ve read.

  • Jeff Loquist

    My only hope is that Google can fix their algorithm a little bit. While most searches seem good, I have noticed on several searches (our sites and others) that the sitelinks are less than relevant and often use less than optimized titles and description elements, even if the page itself is optimized. Using the demotion tool in webmaster tools is a good option, but hopefully the algorithm is tweeked enough to where that is less of an issue.

  • Mike Roberts

    I had looked at some of the sites I work with when they first went live with the “12-pack” but found that even searching for the exact url I wasn’t always getting 12 sitelinks. Our biggest site with the largest volume of traffic and sales only had 10 when searching the exact url. One of our smallest sites with a very specific name that likely can’t be confused with too much else returned 7. Part of me is looking forward to how this will change the landscape as the weeks go by. Would be nice to have complete control over what sitelinks show but I don’t believe that is currently an option.

  • Caro Price

    Where are they taking those short titles from? Doesn’t seem to be from the page title or the H1s.