• Joseph McConellogue

    This is exactly the type of advanced search blogging I’m looking for. Nice job going beyond the basics and really diving into detail with embedded sitelinks.

    I too find that conversion rates are significantly higher on sitelinks, and more so on embedded sitelinks. I hope you can update this post in a few months time with some more robust numbers. Hopefully the TREND will continue along the same path.

    Great post. Joseph McConellogue

  • Dries

    Next test, one with local intentions?

  • Crystal

    Joseph – Thanks so much for the comment! I am glad you found this post valuable and it’s interesting to hear you’re seeing the same kind of trends so far!

    Definitely plan to provide an update on my theory here as more data aggregates so see if it holds true! I’ll keep you posted!

    Dries – That is definitely a good idea for a next test/blog post…. stay tuned, I’ll see what I can do :)