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Draw Roger Contest (Behind The Scenes)

Chalk on Blackboard. (6.5 hours)

It got 3rd place! See who else won the contest.

For me, it was a great chance to really get away from spending all day in front of a computer. Here’s how it all came together w/ closeups.

Day 1: Inspiration & Sketches

I found some inspiration on the Internet (Disney) and I sketched out what I wanted on 8.5×11 paper. I made two sketches twice to get the proportions between the scene and Roger right. (15 min)

Grid Sketch to “Upscale”

I folded the paper into squares to create a grid. I used that grid to find my way when drawing on the door. (5 min)

Day 2: Sketch On The Door

I drew a grid on the door with the center being where doors meet. Then, I sketched out the same scene. (90 min)

Day 3: Coloring in Roger

I colored in Roger and the moon. I accidentally rubbed out the moon with the paper towel but it turned out to look cool, so I kept it. Later, I used the same “mistake” to make the cloudy sky. (90 mins)

Day 4: Coloring in The Search Church

I colored in the Search Church, the lamps, and the horizon. To get the horizon, I smeared a lot of chalk on the blackboard then used a wet paper towel to wipe away the church’s silhouette. I rubbed a wet paper towel to get the dark cloud sky behind it. People in the office started to really notice, so I put up a sign not to Tweet pics. (90 min)

Final Day: Finished Coloring

Finished up the cloudy sky, added the pumpkin, Roger’s legs, and the tree. (90 min).  Here it is completely done with me sitting next to it.

Total time: 6.5 hours spread out over 5 days after work between 6:00pm and 7:00pm. It’s a nice break from working in front of a computer.


Really close up you’ll see a lot of smearing the chalk on the blackboard. Highlights were just drawing on top of smudges.

Tools: A bucket of water, a sponge, a box of colored chalk, paper towels, and a plastic knife.