• Dr. Peter J. Meyers

    Wow – I spent 15 minutes on mine. Had no idea that was done full-size – that’s very awesome.

  • Jason Kamara

    Are you kidding? That’s amazing! Any plans for a Christmas Roger Claus?

  • Chris Le

    Thanks Dr Pete! I’ve heard that comment from others after they see the same picture, but with me in it.

  • Chris Le

    Heh.. I dunno. we’ll have to see :)


    That is brilliant. Really original and I love the Halloween theme. Nice one!

  • Zach Russell

    I had no idea that you were such the artist! That’s awesome, congrats on 3rd place

  • Sarah

    Your entry was my favourite! :)

  • Chris Le

    aww. thanks!!

  • Chris Le

    Thanks zach!!

  • Chris Le

    Thanks so much sarah!

  • Jon

    Nice sketch…

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