• Gary

    Hey Ryan, great post man. This is an excellent strategy for those link building with intangible assets and not as many content-based assets, like in the corporate or B2B space. Also, you’re spot on with your pitch message and offering vs asking. I’m definitely going to look at turning an upcoming guest blogging campaign into an interview offering. Thanks for sharing your process!

  • Ryan Fontana

    Thanks, Gary.

    You are absolutely right. It is an underutilized strategy for those that have intangible assets, but the drawback is that often the interviewee has limited time and getting their full commitment can be a challenge. However, show them the value once and they’ll make the time for every other opportunity. Good luck with this!

  • Sandeep Gulati

    Great Post Ryan, thanks for sharing this idea. I was also going through the distilled blog and came across the following post

    I have found one of the problem I have seen is that instead just thinking about links. We should be thinking about a bigger picture we should be thinking about how to maintain and establish quality and long term relationships.

    We should make an effort at treating online relationships more like real human interaction instead of asking for links and sending bulk emails for links.

  • Sandeep Gulati

    one more thing Ryan, can you please share a template of the process step by step which you have used in the past, it will be great to have a example and what steps to follow which is used for a particular niche.

  • Andrew

    Glad to see this kind of thing coming from the PR/SEO side of things as well. As a blogger I get (and ditch instantly) tons of “free guest post” emails. I would definitely be more interested in doing an interview with someone that is worth reading about.