"Did You Google It?" Event Announcement

Place: SEER Interactive’s Search Church (1028 N. 3rd Street, Philadelphia, PA 19123)
Time: Friday, June 22nd, 6pm – 8pm (Register here today!)
Cost: $0, even the parking is FREE (Directions can be found here.)

Can’t attend but still want to donate to The William Way Community Center? Contribute to their donation page here and thank you!

Using Google to Achieve Your Mission

Non-Profits of Greater Philadelphia, we feel your pain. It seems like every day you are faced with shrinking budgets, fewer staffers, and yet an increase in the number of people in need of your services. From what we’ve seen, even in spite of the challenges, your doors stay open, your counselors spend longer nights, and you trudge on. Talk about burning the candle at both ends! So in honor of all your hard work, SEER has decided to run an event for non-profits to learn how to use Google to achieve goals like these below, given your existing constraints:

• gain grant funding
• grow membership
• increase awareness
• increase attendance at events
• maximize donations

The focus for our event titled “Did You Google It?” will be on GETTING THINGS DONE, not to just give you big ideas that need tons of time and tons of money. We want to show you the things that are sitting right in front of you and how you can actually implement them on your own time.

Who Are The Speakers?

SEER Interactive’s Wil Reynolds and Ethan Lyon, along with friends Mike King of iAcquire and Tom Critchlow of Distilled, both two POWERHOUSE speakers are going to do just that – help you use Google to GET THINGS DONE. Our speakers present all over the world; Mike was just in Australia, Tom and Wil are often in London, Brazil, and Munich speaking about how to use Google to grow an organization’s goals through SEO. This Friday, we plan on bringing it all together just for non-profits.

How Much Does It Cost?

Any other event or conference where you would see all of us present (with a lot of other amazing speakers) would have cost about $1,000 per ticket. However, this event is 100% FREE! We know that non-profits need to learn these tactics and, more importantly, want to learn these tactics. Yet it’s hard to pay $1,000 to attend an event when you have people and a cause that could benefit from those funds even more. We will ask the folks coming from the search community to donate any amount at the DOOR for our selected non-profit.

How Did We Select A Non-Profit To Give This Free Consulting To?

We ran an awesome contest on our Facebook page where we called out to non-profits to enter and have their followers and fans vote on their logo. The winner was The William Way Community Center, with over 600 “Likes” for their logo. Congratulations to them!

What’s The Catch? Who Is SEER And Why Are We Doing This?

Volunteering has always been at the CORE of what SEER is all about and partially why I built SEER in the first place. Given that the SEER team has always dedicated hours of volunteering time to local non-profits and is currently on pace to volunteer a total of 1,600 hours company-wide this year, we want to continue our mission and help out charities in any way we can. We understand the plight of our community’s non-profit organizations, so we figured why not create a platform to help them with something we all know very well such as Search Marketing, and specifically SEO. We’ll be focusing on keyword research, content creation, link building, analytics and more – all in two hours!

So What Now?

We hope we’ve convinced you to come and watch our “Did You Google It?” presentation this upcoming Friday. We’re really looking forward to this event and can’t wait to combine our knowledge in SEO with our passion for supporting non-profits. Please register via our TicketLeap page above, and see you on June 22nd at the Search Church!

Also – big thanks to Majestic SEO & SEOmoz who will be providing free tools (worth over $1,800) in support of the event. For any questions, please reach out to Melissa at melissaa(at)seerinteractive(dot)com.