• Tim Schmidt

    Hi there, can you elaborate on point #3, “Enter by commenting on the shoes you want.”

    I’m familiar with the ability to leave comments on a blog post. Likewise, the ability to leave a comment as part of a review from a product purchase. However, from this sparse description, I have a different impression, of which people can just leave comments behind on product pages? Is this correct? If so, can you name the plugin widget used?

    Thanks for your clarification.

  • Adam Melson

    Hi Tim, thanks for reading and commenting on a point that I should have written more correctly. I’ve gone back to edit #3 to say “Enter by leaving a comment about that pair of shoes on the contest site.” That better describes that we had people comment on the contest site vs spamming our client’s site with comments/bogus reviews for each shoe they wanted.

  • Tim Schmidt

    Thanks for the clarification. So, you created a micro-website specifically for the contest then?

  • Adam Melson

    It was hosted a fashion site with an active following that was a very relevant fit for our client.

  • wilreynolds

    Hey Adam, quick question what is an SEO review? The title threw me, did it mena to be product review?

  • Adam Melson

    Good question – Product Review is what it really should be after the post goes into why reviews should be done outside of a sole SEO purpose. Updated.

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