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  • Jon Payne

    I agree on both ends here Wil… except that I can think of instance or two where building your own system might make sense, but generally a popular platform is probably the way to go.

    My firm recently developed our own platform in-house simply b/c there was a critical feature that we needed that was not available in any existing app that we reviewed. Total development cost was somewhere just under $10k and its done in PHP and MySQL so I think we’ll be okay as far as your issue #1 above. For issue #2, it produces regular webpages and does not currently push content via XML so we’re probably missing out on something there… not having our content “pushed” to Google. Integrating XML feeds will be a main focus of version 2.0. That said, I’ve also started to look at the wealth of plugins and ways to customize WordPress for this and future needs. The options are many.