• Dustin

    Great article David! We offer an online service that requires us to develop a knowledge base. Zendesk was a perfect way for us to manage this content and they do allow us to customize our domain for branding purposes.

    My question to you is… Do you have any reservations about us implementing a content strategy on a sub domain? Sticking with the theme of your article we believe it’s actually a better experience for our users instead of them going to a blog (

    Thanks David. Seer Interactive is an awesome company doing some amazing things for small business owners by sharing resources with the community. I personally have benefited a whole lot from Wil and Seer Interactive over the years.

    On a related note. An interesting search that we did was to search for one of Zendesks customers to see how they look in the SERPs. Google ‘moonfruit’ and then google ‘’. Not sure you’d call their support subdomain a content strategy, but a lot of their articles are indexed and do rank, so it proves to us it can be done.

  • DWilliams

    Thanks so much for your response, Dustin. If I am understanding you correctly, it sounds like developing a knowledge base for your users to reference is a key component to your content strategy.

    I would focus on the ‘primary’ goal of the content that is specific to your knowledge base. If the ‘primary’ goal is to support your users ability to use your service (which is often the case with a support knowledge base), then I would focus on the easiest way your users can access that content, which means a subdomain may work best (depending on the specific situation). In that case, you could use your blog as another component to your content strategy, which could possibly reference your knowledge base through smart curation.

    Also, it seems you are not the only one with these types of questions. Here is a thread which references some of the specifics that Zendesk has been addressing to alleviate some of these issues:

    Hope that helps. Good luck!

  • Dustin

    Appreciate the response David! Yes, you understood me correctly. Zendesk has been great to work with so far and I have a feeling they’re only going to get better at SEO. It’s definitely the right experience for our users.