• Steve Pritchard

    I’ve always found that the most successful sales people aren’t always the best talkers; rather they are the best listeners. Those that have figured out how to ask carefully crafted questions, and more importantly listen to the answers have and always will be ahead of the competition. While it’s hard to have direct contact with online customers, that doesn’t mean they aren’t real and don’t have real opinions. Those opinions should not be ignored. Shawn, I couldn’t agree more. Surveys are a great way of finding out a lot of what you need to know about your customers. Thanks for the insight!

  • Shawn Cohen

    Hey Steve, you’re welcome and thanks for your comment–I absolutely agree. Listening is a foundation of effective inbound marketing since these days, unless people feel understood, it’s tough to sell them on anything.

  • Jason Manion

    Great article, Shawn. I think a lot of businesses would love the information they could get from a survey, but would rather make blind decisions than to just ask their customers for that information.

    I think your point about using a giveaway to incentivize responses is right on. But I think it’s also highly important that you have already built up some trust and goodwill with the people you’re surveying – there are some companies that I would fill out a survey for without being offered an incentive, but others that I wouldn’t at all feel interested in filling out a survey for even if there was an incentive.