• Adrian Drysdale

    Tablets don’t support flash right? This will be handy for one on my clients who has a flash site… I’ll be able to tick box “don’t show on ipads”. Or I could make the website compatible with flash, but that would make too much sense :)

  • Aaron

    Adrian –

    I know most Android devices support flash. Out of the box, the iPad does not support Flash – there are ways to make it work, but I’m a droid guy :) I’d definitely recommend taking a look at the site using iPad Peek to see how it renders.

    Thanks for the comment!

  • Y.S.

    Not just the targeting, but they also released a great broad keyword tool that will make it easier to use broad keywords effectively, where applicable.

  • e2solutions

    nowdays..most of the tablets supports flash..
    In addition to targeting tablet devices with full Internet browsers, you can also target specific tablet platforms…

  • Aaron Levy

    Thanks for the update E2solutions – now that the tool has been released we’re starting to see a lot more options come forward.

    Google always keeps us on our toes!

  • Katie Saxon

    Definitely a good move, it’s something I’ve been wanting to see for a while!