Tested: Google +Post Ads – Turning your Google+ Posts Into Interactive Display Ads

Google rolled out a new display ad variation for eligible advertisers (requirements can be found here) called +Post Ads. This new ad variation allows you to take a post from your Google+ page and turn it into an engagement ad to show throughout the Google Display Network. We were lucky enough to get one of […]

Mastering PPC: Easy Ways to Find Value on Twitter

Twitter has filed for an IPO, which will likely make some early investors and employees very wealthy.  You too can profit from Twitter, except more likely as an advertiser rather than an investor.   There are four ways to advertise on Twitter.  I’ve already dived into the mechanics of these in earlier posts, but to […]

Mastering PPC: Getting Started with LinkedIn Ads

In Beauty and the Beast, Belle was just a girl living in a little village in France. The opening number featured her singing about how there must be more out in the world than just what she’s experienced in her small, provincial town. She wasn’t satisfied with that typical little village and dreamed about how […]

Breaking News – New Twitter Lead Generation Card

Ay caramba! We can now get email addresses from Twitter with the new Lead Generation Card.  This is a new feature; Twitter has done some testing but is now rolling it out to all advertisers with reps who use the managed interface. When a user expands your Tweet, they see an image and description of […]

Part Two: Twitter Goals, Ad Selection, and Account Settings Tips

About two weeks ago, we discussed Why To, and How To, Start Advertising on Twitter.  In this installment, we’re going to take a look at ways to set Twitter goals, select ad types, and optimize account settings. Source- Social media measurement is a hot topic.  There are many social media analytics tools measuring and […]

Part One: Why to, and How to, Start Advertising on Twitter

Advertisers are missing out on Twitter.  Due to low competition, Twitter can generate better ROI for advertisers than Google, Bing and Facebook. The data shows that Twitter is under monetized.  Twitter generates very little revenue compared to Google despite a similar number of tweets and Google searches. Google Twitter Actions Per Day 410 million text […]

Make Facebook’s Demographic Reporting Actionable With Google Analytics

Facebook ad campaign reporting can sometimes be confusing to clients. Which metric is most important? Clicks? Social CTR? Actions? These metrics are great for measuring traffic trends and social virality, but looking at these metrics alone without demographic information does not provide the insight needed to pinpoint your highest performing audience on Facebook. Here’s how […]

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