9 PPC Tips to Kill it in Q4

I’m a little odd when it comes to the holiday season. I put my lights up in mid-August and get a tree so early it’s pretty much firewood by the time Christmas rolls around. When it comes to shopping however, I am NOT a pre-planner. I go to the mall precisely one day a year: […]

Mastering PPC: Easy Ways to Find Value on Twitter

Twitter has filed for an IPO, which will likely make some early investors and employees very wealthy.  You too can profit from Twitter, except more likely as an advertiser rather than an investor.   There are four ways to advertise on Twitter.  I’ve already dived into the mechanics of these in earlier posts, but to […]

Mastering PPC: YouTube Advertising

Youtube advertising, as with all things Google, has plenty of options for you to pick from: Ads on Videos, Ads as Ads, Videos as Ads and Ads for Videos… Confused? Good. We will break it down for you below. But first – a few things to know: YouTube, owned by Google, is a Google Search […]

Part Two: Four AdWords Paid & Organic Report Questions Answered

Many good things come in four.  My favorite four things that come in fours may be the weather seasons, the NCAA Final Four, FDR’s Four Freedoms and the A-Team. Source – Last week, I wrote about initial AdWords paid and organic report data.  The paid and organic report links Google Webmaster tool data with […]

Mastering PPC: Getting Started with LinkedIn Ads

In Beauty and the Beast, Belle was just a girl living in a little village in France. The opening number featured her singing about how there must be more out in the world than just what she’s experienced in her small, provincial town. She wasn’t satisfied with that typical little village and dreamed about how […]

Part One: AdWords Paid & Organic Report Results

SEER recently implemented the new AdWords paid and organic report for six of our clients.  The paid and organic report links Google Webmaster tool data with AdWords data to show how PPC and SEO interact on a click through basis.  PPC Hero wrote a great post on how to set up the paid and organic […]

Three AdWords Remarketing Features You Must Test Now!

Ally Malick and I recently co-hosted a webinar on paid search tactics & measurement for ecommerce clients with RJ Metrics. Part of that discussion involved three remarketing features in Google AdWords which they have been promoting as Remarketing 3.0. While our focus was on ecomm advertisers, not all of the features are specific to just them. […]

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