Part Three: Paid & Organic Report Data

AdWords came out with the paid and organic report in late August.  The paid and organic report had the potential to provide data that is no longer available in Google analytics due to the Google secure search update (not provided).  Getting data back would be great for both SEO and for SEO-PPC integration.  I wrote two posts […]

The Redesign Timeline: When and How to Engage Analytics, PPC, and SEO in Redesign Plans

What better way to start the new year than with plans for a new site? We all go through redesigns. Whatever the reason, a decision is made to go through an overhaul on the existing site. Too often, companies reach out to their digital marketing team as a last minute thought, mentioning “oh guess what, […]

SEER’s Ultimate 2014 PPC Wish List

While we certainly don’t hope for another radical change from 2014, like 2013′s Enhanced campaign migration, the SEER team has shared their PPC wishes for the new year. From updates to Google and Bing to social platforms, we have compiled SEER’s wish list of what we are looking for from PPC in 2014. Once you […]

Mastering PPC: How Did You Come Up With My Budget?

What a coincidence that we both have the same New Year’s resolution for 2014: to crush it with PPC advertising. To do that, we determined a budget to pay for our PPC efforts. Management may ask – how did you decide on the budget amount? Luckily, Google and Bing have tools that provide cost estimates. […]

Mastering PPC: Five Ways To Lower Your CPC’s

Most of us like paying less and getting more. Source –   Here are five ways you can lower your average CPC’s, in prior order from your least to the best options.   5: Lower your bids. It couldn’t be simpler.  Bid less, pay less.  However, actual/average CPC can often be less than your […]

Mastering PPC: PLAs – Mysteriously Murder Your eComm Competition with PLAs

Let’s say you are an online retailer of books, and you’ve noticed that in the last 6 months your traffic has been slowly declining. Your average position doesn’t appear to be slipping; your ad copy hasn’t changed, and yet… declining traffic. You do a few test queries to investigate and find: This. Your ad, while […]

How Google AdWords’ Ad Rank Algorithm Update Increased Brand CPC’s by 600 Percent

On October 22nd Google announced that ad extensions will now be a factor in ad rank as well as the importance of ad extensions eligibility to display in your ads. As with all algorithm changes no one really knew what this meant for performance or how this was going to affect our PPC campaigns. The initial conversations were that […]

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