Mastering PPC: Five Ways To Lower Your CPC’s

Most of us like paying less and getting more. Source –   Here are five ways you can lower your average CPC’s, in prior order from your least to the best options.   5: Lower your bids. It couldn’t be simpler.  Bid less, pay less.  However, actual/average CPC can often be less than your […]

Mastering PPC: PLAs – Mysteriously Murder Your eComm Competition with PLAs

Let’s say you are an online retailer of books, and you’ve noticed that in the last 6 months your traffic has been slowly declining. Your average position doesn’t appear to be slipping; your ad copy hasn’t changed, and yet… declining traffic. You do a few test queries to investigate and find: This. Your ad, while […]

How Google AdWords’ Ad Rank Algorithm Update Increased Brand CPC’s by 600 Percent

On October 22nd Google announced that ad extensions will now be a factor in ad rank as well as the importance of ad extensions eligibility to display in your ads. As with all algorithm changes no one really knew what this meant for performance or how this was going to affect our PPC campaigns. The initial conversations were that […]

Mastering PPC: When To Break Ad Copy Best Practices

Much like the pirate code, the best practices we have for writing ad copy are more like “guidelines” than actual rules. Image Source The best practice for ad copy writing tells us that we should be sure to include ad group keywords in our ad copy. The benefits of doing so include: bolding the keywords […]

Mastering PPC: Three Ways To Get Started With LinkedIn Analytics

LinkedIn ads are a great way to drive demographically targeted PPC traffic.  My colleague Chris LaRoche wrote a great post on how to run LinkedIn advertising.  Many people are used to sending LinkedIn ads to However, you may want to send traffic to your LinkedIn page to promote the content you’ve creating on this […]

Mastering PPC: Different Conversion Types

Don’t let the late, great Thomas Jefferson fool you. Despite what TJ and his buddies wrote in the Declaration of Independence*, all conversions are NOT created equal. This post explains the different types of conversions tracked in Google AdWords, where to find them and when to use them. The basics: what are conversions and why […]

Patience Prevails in PPC

When we take over management of existing PPC accounts here at SEER, we generally let the existing AdWords and Bing Ads campaigns run until we are able to build out new campaigns that align with SEER’s best practices. Recently, I was monitoring campaign performance for a new e-commerce client shortly after launching the new SEER […]

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