• jules

    really solid, no matter what calacanis thought. :)

  • Jim Kukral

    Wil, you make a great point. If you would have walked onto stage and did 40 minutes telling people to “make good content”, 90% of the audience would have been pissed.

    People want reality. And while “making good content” is correct, there’s more, and that’s what you’re good at explaining. Nice work.

  • wil

    @jim kukral – thanks – that is where I think Jason could really help people (dare I say that) – he’ll say writing great content is 90% of the battle and he’s right, but how does he get his insporation? could he share with us what process he uses to write the great content he does? That would be most helpful!

  • Eppie Vojt

    Nicely done Wil. The other point to note in the whole “write good content” approach is that good content can’t have an SEO impact unless there’s an initial readership that will link it out. Until that great content reaches the eyes of someone who will run with it, it has nearly no SEO benefit. For larger companies, not a huge deal – they likely have traffic to their sites that would pick up strong content.

    The context of the speaking engagement is important here though – you were speaking at Affiliate Summit. That playing field isn’t even, and some of the folks who don’t have a strong online network to lean on might have to rely on paid links to gain some initial momentum. I think you were spot on in how you approached the issue.

  • wil

    @jules thanks
    @eppie – thanks buddy, you know me, just trying to give my honest .02! If you want to see a real example of where content is not enough go here:

  • Carolyn Price

    Great presentation Wil! But it ended right in the middle of a very interesting sentence about buying directory links. Where you going to say that you first check to see if Google actually counts them as backlinks? I’d love to know.

  • wil

    Carolyn – thanks for dropping a line – I’ll get the next part up on youtube shortly.

  • Gyutae Park

    I had the privilege of sitting in on this session and I thought it was great! Pretty cool that you got to have Calacanis try to grill you as well.

    As for buying links, I’m totally with you on it. Obviously you need great content – paid links just complement that and are harder to detect when the quality of the content is actually high.

    Looking forward to ASE!

  • wil

    Hey Gyutae!

    Most definitely we will have some fun at ASE. I think having Calacanis drill me was a blessing…I learned that I can handle my own on tough questions and not be a deer in headlights.

    Ohh dude you are SOOOO right, paid links are way more difficult to find when you consistently have great content & legit links to compliment it.